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What You Should Know About Asbestos Removal

asbestos tilesAsbestos was a common component of various building materials in homes and commercial buildings built between 1930 and into the 1970s. Vinyl floor tiles, roofing materials, insulation, and even paint all commonly contained asbestos during this time.

Today we know that asbestos has been linked to causing lung disease and lung cancer. The good news is that if we have asbestos contain products in our homes or businesses, they do not post a threat unless the material is disturbed. So what happens then if the material is damaged, or needs to be removed during a remodeling project or demolition?

Asbestos Removal Guidelines

Asbestos removal is a difficult task, and one that requires full containment of the asbestos containing materials to prevent exposure and environmental contamination. Only an accredited professional acting within state and federal rules should sample materials for asbestos, and remove asbestos-containing material if necessary.

Asbestos removal is often a last resort, and is only performed when necessary. if the Asbestos materials can be sealed in place, this is often the preferred route due to the contamination and exposure risks involved with removing asbestos materials.

Finding an Accredited Asbestos Professional

If you suspect asbestos is present in your building and you need to do repairs or are planning a remodeling project, you should consulting with an accredited asbestos abatement professional in Anniston who can test and confirm the presence of asbestos, and who can identify the options you have available.

Capstone Environmental provides full asbestos removal and asbestos abatement services in Anniston and the surrounding areas. We would be happy to answer any questions you have about asbestos removal. Contact us today.