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Tips for Lead Paint Removal in Anniston

lead paint removalLead-based paint is common in older homes and businesses, and if lead paint is present you should be aware of the possibility of lead exposure, especially if you are planning to remodel or paint your property, or if the lead paint is beginning to crack or peel. Lead exposure can lead to serious health problems, and if you are not comfortable removing lead paint yourself, hire a professional lead removal company.

How Do I Know If There is Lead Paint in My Home or Business?

Lead-based paint was commonly used in paint and other building materials during the 1960s and 1970s, and if your home is more than 35 years old there is a high possibility that lead paint has been used in your property. If the paint in your home is in good shape and is not cracked or peeling, you can safely paint over or wallpaper over the lead paint to seal it in place. The greatest areas of concerns are windows and stairs where paint can easily become damaged, or where paint is peeling, where water damage has affected the paint surface, or if you are planning to remodel an area with lead paint.

How Safe is Lead Paint Removal?

Lead paint can be safely removed by a lead removal professional in Anniston. The work area must be completely sealed off from the rest of the building, and all items in the room should be removed or completely covered with heavy plastic. Disposable coveralls, shoe and hair coverings should be worn, as wells as goggles and a HEPA respirator to protect workers from inhaling lead dust. Extra care should be taken to prevent lead dust that may be on shoes or clothing from being tracked into another area of the building.

The safest method of lead paint removal is to hire a qualified lead removal contractor who has the training, experience and equipment to safely remove lead and prevent lead exposure. Capstone Environmental performs lead removal in Anniston and the surrounding communities. Contact us today if you are considering lead paint removal.