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Lead Removal

lead paint removalLead-based paint is the most common source of lead contamination found in today’s homes and commercial buildings. While lead-based paint was banned by the federal government in 1978, the use of lead-based paint was incredibly common until that time. Walls and other surfaces that have lead-based paint that is peeling or in poor condition pose a serious health hazard. Likewise, if you are planning a remodeling project and have lead-based paint, additional precautions are necessary to prevent lead poisoning.

Capstone Environmental provides complete lead-based paint removal services designed to safely remove the lead contamination while preventing unnecessary exposure, protecting you and your employees or family.

Lead enters the body through inhalation of lead dust or ingestion of lead-based materials, or through the skin. Lead poisoning can cause damage to the brain and vital organs including the kidneys, nervous system, and blood. Lead is also know to cause behavioral problems and learning disabilities in children.

While lead-based paint is the most common source of lead contamination, lead may also come from imported vinyl mini-blinds, or imported or antique toys or furniture.