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demolitionCapstone Environmental provides selective demolition and interior demolition services when there is a need to remove only a portion of a building. We approach each project with special attention to safety, environmental compliance, detail, and schedule.

At Capstone Environmental, we provide partial, phased, and complete demolition services for commercial buildings, government offices, industrial facilities, schools, and retail buildings. Projects may include removal of walls, ceilings, roofing, flooring, and mechanical or electrical components.

What is Selective Demolition?

Selective demolition is the removal or dismantling of a portion of a building, whether it is removing part of an attached structure to make way for expansion, completely gutting the interior of a structure, or replacing outdated materials for enhanced safety and security.

Examples of selective demolition include structure modifications for seismic upgrades, partial demolition of structures, complete non-structural strip out projects, equipment removal, and storefront or façade demolition.

Using the most advanced selective demolition techniques with special attention to safety, Capstone Environmental can perform selective demolition while your facility remains fully operational. We strive to provide demolition services that are the least disruptive to your everyday operations, and will work with you to determine the best plan of action for you.