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Not sure about Asbestos? Read This

A few decades back asbestos was used in a variety of construction materials. Due to the highly fibrous minerals and heat resistant but durable and flexible fibers, asbestos-containing materials were very useful for many industrial purposes. The durability of asbestos materials was great when it came to industrial purposes, but it was later discovered that asbestos was not so great when it got into your lung tissue. Higher concentrated levels of exposure to asbestos has been known to cause health problems including cancer.

Asbestos is Dangerous

asbestos removal annistonThere are many professions and work environments in the past that exposed workers to the dangers of asbestos. Insulation, roofing, building materials, automotive repair, construction sites, maritime operations, mining operations, offshore rust removals, oil refineries, power plants, railroads, sand or abrasive manufacturers, shipyards, ships and shipbuilding and steel mills are just a few. Not known at the time the dangers of asbestos, many of those with exposure have suffered negative health effects.

Our professionals at Capstone Environmental in Anniston are highly trained to remove asbestos. Our professionals have the experience and we handle the permitting and regulatory agency needed for asbestos abatement. If asbestos is not handled properly then there can be serious health consequences.

Don’t Risk it! Contact Capstone Environmental

If you have a building built from the 1930’s to the 1970’s and are planning any demolition or remodeling, it is probably best to have our professionals at Capstone Environmental come and detect the asbestos and safely remove it. When asbestos-containing materials that are present in your home or business are disturbed or damaged, it can significantly increase the risk of cancer and lung disease in those who are exposed to it.

We here at Capstone Environmental in Anniston urge you to contact us today for immediate removal of asbestos on your property.

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