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Dealing with Mold Removal in Anniston

Is Mold Bad?

mold removal annistonAccording to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, otherwise known as the CDC mold exposure can cause major health risks from mold spores and toxins. In our experience symptoms from exposure to mold can range from a mild cough to a severe bleeding of the lungs.  Each individual reacts differently when exposed to mold.

Regardless of your reaction to mold exposure you should have a professional perform mold removal in your Anniston business as soon as possible. The last thing you want to do is put your employees, tenants or customers health at risk.

What Can You Do About Mold?

Capstone Environmental specializes in testing and removal mold from commercial property. That is why we recommend you call in a reputable profession such as Capstone Environmental to test for mold in your Anniston property if you have concerns about a mold infestation.

Take Preventative Measures.

Capstone Environmental has complied a short list of way you can prevent mold from growing in your Anniston commercial or educational property.

4 Tips to Help Prevent Mold

  1. Airflow. Make sure there adequate airflow moving through your ventilation system to help control humidity. Check your ducts and ventilation in your bathrooms and kitchens on a regular basis. If you have any clothes dryers check them for proper ventilation, make sure the hoses are not clogged. Fun Fact: Did you now that your air conditioning unit removes moisture from the air as well as cooling it?
  2. Cleaners. When cleaning your bathrooms, kitchens and other areas make sure you are using anti-fungal solutions that are designed to kill and prevent mold.  Make sure you follow the product label instructions and safety precautions for proper use.
  3. Painting. When painting your wall use an anti-fungal paint. There is a wide variety of mold inhibiting paints, primers and sealers on the market today. Contact an expert at your local paint or hardware store for tips and products that help with mold prevention.
  4. Maintenance. Keep your Anniston business in good condition. Your commercial or educational property is bound to have a group of water lines and other features to deliver and drain water from your Anniston building. Check your property for signs of water leaks and clogs on a regular basis. If water damage is suspected call a professional in immediately to prevent mold growth.

Capstone Environmental provides mold testing and mold removal in Anniston for commercial, educational, industrial, multi-tenant and government facilities as well as residential. Capstone Environmental is a one stop solutions for all of your mold testing and removal needs.