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If you are cleaning your office and you see a patch of woolly growth on a surface in your business building, the possibility of that woolly growth being mold is pretty high and you should contact Capstone Environmental in Anniston right away. It is of the utmost importance to contact our professionals as soon as possible, to prevent mold from causing any more damage to your business and to prevent health issues.

 Mold can be a very serious problem and can cause a lot of damage if not taken care of right away. Mold is also very tricky because there are many types of mold. Some are black, white, green or even gray, some are shiny and some are powdery looking. Some have horrible smells while others do not, some are visible, while others hide in between walls, and in attics or in basements as well as under the floors and up in the ceilings. Mold can grow anywhere moisture is present. Our professionals can detect any mold that may be present in your building and they know how to completely eradicate it.

 When you have leaky pipes, a flood, or any excess moisture, be sure to call our professionals at once so we can reveal all of the potentially dangerous villains lurking about and we can get rid of them, and give you a peace of mind.

 If you have any concerns about mold, our professionals here at Capstone Environmental can help. We expertize in hazardous material abatement and we are committed to safety on every single project, we acquire. We go above and beyond to be a one stop solution for mold cleanup. We service Birmingham, Anniston, Tuscaloosa, Jefferson County, Shelby County and surrounding areas. Our professionals have the knowledge to find and destroy the mold residing on your business property, we also have the necessary equipment to finish the job and take back control of your business.

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